Effective Date: August 28, 2018

Seersite Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy and Seersite’s Terms and Conditions describe the conditions for the collection and use of information from Community Members, Clients and visitors of Seersite. We will not disclose personal information collected on our sites to any person or organization outside of Seersite for commercial purposes, except as permitted by this policy and Seersite’s Terms and Conditions.


A) How Seersite uses information provided by you:

Seersite uses the information you provide (“Your Information”) to operate Seersite and provide services to you and Clients. You agree that Seersite may disclose Your Information to Clients and non-Client third parties for the purposes of promoting Seersite’s business, including without limitation by displaying such information on Seersite’s websites and applications, Seersite’s third party partner websites, print media, and other materials (collectively, “Marketing Material”). You may opt out of this promotional use by contacting your Seersite Business Development Associate via email at support@seersite.com. If you opt out of this promotional use or terminate your participation in Seersite Knowledge Communities, Seersite will use reasonable efforts to discontinue creating and distributing Marketing Materials that contain Your Information. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any such opt-out will not apply to your submissions of EGC, or participation in Seersite events. You agree that Seersite may disclose Your Information and your participation in Seersite Knowledge Communities to third parties, such as current and former employers and companies that you have provided services to or contracted with, for the purpose of verifying Your Information and/or confirming any consents or approvals you may need to participate in the Knowledge Communities or in specific Engagements and/or Other Activities.

You consent to Seersite collecting and maintaining Your Information. You agree that Seersite’s processing of Your Information is necessary to facilitate your participation in Engagements and/or Other Activities, to service Clients, and to further its business purposes. You further agree to Seersite transferring Your Information to Seersite’s offices or third-party data and technology hosting company (“Managed Service Providers”), holding such information on its databases located there and, when and if applicable, to Seersite sharing Your Information with its global subsidiaries and affiliates, a list of which can be provided upon request. You agree that Seersite may retain Your Information for its business purposes if you cease to be a Knowledge Community Member, except to the extent you reside in a jurisdiction that requires otherwise, provided that Seersite will protect all such information about you in accordance with these Terms & Conditions.

B) Cookies/IP Addresses:

Seersite may also collect information about your interaction with Seersite and its applications and services. For example, we use website analytic tools on our site to retrieve information from your browser, including the site you came from, the search engine(s) and the keywords you used to find our site, the pages you view within our site, your browser add-ons, and your browser's width and height. We also use technologies, such as cookies and web beacons (described below), to collect information about the pages you view, the links you click and other actions you take on our sites and services. Additionally, we collect certain standard information that your browser sends to every website you visit, such as your IP address, browser type and language, access times and referring website addresses.

If you use credentials from a third party site (for example, LinkedIn) to log into Seersite, that third party will likely place a cookie on your browser that will collect information based on the cookie policy of that third party site. If you do not wish to allow that cookie to be placed on your browser, do not use third party login credentials and/or disable cookies on your browser.

If you want to disable cookies, there is a simple procedure in most Internet browsers that allows you to turn off cookies. You can also use plug-ins for your browser to see alerts for Web Beacons or to block Web Beacons when using certain browsers. You can also prevent some Web Beacons from loading by not downloading images in e-mail messages. Please remember, however, that cookies may be required to allow you to use certain features of our sites.

We do not allow third parties to place cookies on your browser on our site.

C) Personal Information Collected From Site Visitors:

You may be asked to disclose personal information to us so that we can provide assistance and information. For example, we may collect information (such as an e-mail address, phone number) in order to provide services. The information collected is used by Seersite and our agents to deliver the requested information content and process requests to facilitate your relationship with us. We may also use your contact information to send you information about our other services.

D) Updating Your Personal Information:

You have the reasonable opportunity to access and update your profile information. Seersite Admins will also reasonably assist you with other requests related to data maintained by us.

E) Changes to Our Policies:

From time to time, we may use information provided by you and others for new, unanticipated uses not previously disclosed in this privacy statement. If our information practices change, we will post the policy changes, and we will provide Seersite users with the opportunity to opt out of continued use of Seersite. You agree that Seersite may collect, retain, and verify information about you, including but not limited to Your Information, and contact you by e-mail, telephone, SMS, or otherwise, to process and administer details of your membership in Knowledge Communities, to provide you with opportunities to participate in Engagements and/or Other Activities, to assist with required approvals and consents associated with Engagements and/or Other Activities, to comply with applicable laws and Client compliance policies, and to tell you about Seersite’s business. If you terminate participation in Seersite Knowledge Communities, Seersite will use reasonable efforts to cease e-mail and telephone contact with you. You agree that Seersite may also use and analyze Your Information to administer, support, improve, market, promote and develop the business of Seersite, its affiliates, and their respective business partners while you are a Knowledge Community Member and thereafter.

F) Disclosures for Legal Reasons:

You agree that Seersite may disclose Your Information in response to legal process, to protect Seersite or a Client’s rights, as otherwise required by law or if pertinent to judicial or governmental investigations, or for the prevention or detection of a crime or fraudulent conduct. If Seersite sells all or part of its company or enters into a partnership with another business entity, you agree that Seersite may disclose and transfer Your Information to a successor, purchaser, business partners or new owner who may then provide you with information about their products and services. You agree that Seersite may share Your Information with third parties to further the business of Seersite, its affiliates, and their respective business partners provided that each has agreed not to use such information to sell or market products or services to you with your prior consent. SEERSITE WILL NOT SELL YOUR INFORMATION TO THIRD-PARTY MARKETERS OR SIMILAR ORGANIZATIONS. WHENEVER WE SHARE YOUR INFORMATION, WE WILL ALWAYS GIVE DUE CONSIDERATION AND ADOPT APPROPRIATE MEASURES TO ENSURE THAT ANY DISCLOSURES DO NOT CAUSE ANY UNWARRANTED PREJUDICE TO YOUR PRIVACY.

In some cases, Clients may be required, by law or their compliance policies, to disclose certain details of their interactions with you, including your name and the amount you were paid (“Required Client Disclosures”). You authorize Seersite Clients, or Seersite on their behalf, to make Required Client Disclosures and you agree to provide any additional information necessary to complete any Required Client Disclosures.

G) Your California Privacy Rights:

As described above, except for legal reasons, we do not make Your Information available to third parties. This notice is designed to comply with California's "Shine the Light" law, but the opt-out option is available to all of our users. If you wish to have us delete the information we have regarding you, please contact us at support@seersite.com.